Jumlah Soal:50 soal
Waktu:120 menit
Kelas : IX, Prediksi UAN (Bahasa Inggris/03)
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Pilih jawaban yang tepat dengan mengklik tombol yang terdapat di depan huruf A, B, C atu D

Named                      :  Rani Hernanda
Male/Female             :  Female
Religion                     :  Moslem
Place/Date of birth     : Yogyakarta
                                    Wednesday, April 18, 1993
Address                     :  Jl. Tanjung no. 15 Baciro
Hair Color                 :  Dark black
Type                          :  Straight
School                       :  SMA 5 Yogyakarta
Mother's name           :  Susilowati
Father's name             : Sumarsono

1.   When was Rani born?
A.On Wednesday
B.At SMP 5 Yogyakarta
C.On April 18, 1993
D.On Jalan Tanjung, Yogyakarta

2.   Sumarsono and Susilowati are Rani's …
A.grandpa and grandma
B.brother and sister
C.uncle and aunt

3.   The form is Rani's …

                                                Kurnia Store

                                             Now in your city
                       New opening discount up to 20 for the items:
                              Sweater, dress, scarf, vest, coat, tie.
                   10% disc: jeans, trousers ,T-shirt, and underwear.
                                         Come before May 25

4.   What is the advertisement about?

5.   How much must we pay if we want to buy a gown with the price a hundred and fifty thousand rupiah?
A.Rp 90. 000
B.Rp 100. 000
C.Rp 110. 000
D.Rp 120. 000

People are not permitted to ………..(6) the rare animals because they will become extinct. If it happens, our grandchildren will not be able to …….(7) them in the future.



                                 COUGH SYRUP
                     Especially for infants and children.
Indication: sore throat, cough. Abnormal secretion of sputa
*Infants under 6 months 1 teaspoonful 2x daily
*Infants over 6 months 1 teaspoonful 3x daily
*Adults: 1 - 2 teaspoonfuls 3 x daily or as prescribed
By physician (1tsp=5ml)
                Available in bottles of 60 ml/90ml
                  STORE IN WARM PLACE.

8.   The medicine is …
A.for external use
B.a cure for cough
C.for the relief of stomach pains
D.available on medical prescription only

9.   Infants under 6 months finish a bottle of 60 ml in …
A.8 days
B.6 days
C.4 days
D.2 days

10.   We should keep the cough mixture in a …… place.

      My hotel is located in the Putri Hill area. There are other hotels in the area which are all beautiful. My hotel has fifty rooms. Ten rooms are luxurious. The rooms are air conditioned and there is a color TV in each room. The other forty are business rooms. It means the rooms are simple, with fans and block-and-white TVs. In the luxurious room there are always double beds, but in the simple ones only some have double beds. Our guests come and check in or check out at the receptionist's desk. These people also help the guest with their need. They can order food and the receptionists ask our restaurant to serve them. Guests can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the room or in the restaurant. Room service is ready with orders
       The receptionist can also help guests with their laundry. The laundry woman will wash and iron the clothes. The room-keepers clean all the rooms every day. Look! Some guests are coning. The bellboys help guests with their bags. They will have a seminar tomorrow. It is in the convention hall. I'll ask them to sit at the lounge.

11.   The receptionists ask the guests to sit at the lounge. The lounge means the room where the guests …
A.watch TV
B.sit and relax
C.have a seminar
D.have their meals

12.   …. can order food and the receptionists ask the restaurant in the hotel to serve them.
A.The laundry
B.The receptionists
C.The bellboys
D.The guests

13.   What are the facilities in the simple rooms in the writer's hotel?
A.Air-conditioned and color TVs
B.Fans and black-and white TVs
C.There are always double beds
D.There is a color TV in each room

Since 1978 the government of the republic of Indonesia has been working to conserve endangered and other species of wildlife in captivity. It works together with international agencies, government organizations, and other institutions. The breeding of wildlife is to maintain their existence and to keep them from extinction. The breeding of Sumatran rhinos is at Torgamba area, and the Komodo dragon is successfully bred in Surabaya Zoo.
     Since 1979 the zoo has produced at least 40 animals. The zoo has also been successful in breeding the Bawean deer. Some of the zoo-bred animals have been distributed to other zoos and released to their wild habitats. Two species of non-protected marine turtles are hawksbill and green turtle. This is done to solve and to control the problem of their eggs consumed by local people. The hatcheries are developed in Bali and in west java.

14.   What wildlife does our Government conserve?
A.domestic animals
B.Organism found in the sea
C.All the mammalian species
D.Endangered and other species of wildlife

15.   When did the government of Indonesia start conserving wildlife?
A.31 years
B.2 years
C.in 1979
D.In 1978

16.   The last paragraph tells us about ....
A.the joint effort to conserve endangered wildlife
B.the successful breeding of the komodo dragon
C.the successful of breeding Bawean deer
D.the measures taken to prevent hawksbill green turtles from extinction

1. Prepare 500 g of beef cubes and boil until tender. Allow 500 ml/2 glasses of
    broth to remain in the pan.
2. Add 1 sachet of Indofood instant seasoning Mix for Beef in Chili  and
     coconut  Seasoning and stir well.
3. Cook another 30 minutes on a low flame until sauce thickens. Add 250 ml/
   1 glass of coconut milk to obtain thicker sauce (if desired)

17.   The text tells us about...
A.showing direction
B.repairing machine
C.serving menu of food
D.cooking direction

18.   What is the first step to do?
A.Boil water
B.Prepare beef
C.Add seasoning
D.Add coconut milk

                                                               Vitamin C
    Vitamin c is water-soluble required for the formation of connective tissue such as collagen, necessary for the formation of healthy skin, bones, cartilage and teeth. Vitamin C is also needed for the synthesis of neurotransmitter hormones, such as thyroid and sex hormones, and carnitine needed for fatty acid breakdown.

19.   The paragraph tells us about …
A.what vitamin is
B.the kind of vitamin
C.how to use vitamin
D.the advantages of vitamin C

20.   Vitamin c is water-soluble required for the formation of connective tissue such as collagen, necessary for the formation of healthy skin, bones, cartilage and teeth.
The underlined word has the same meaning with ….

     Jaka was very busy last week. He wrote some letters to his parents and friends on Monday.
    On Tuesday he visited Praditya's school. He played tennis for two hours there. Praditya is his friend. In the evening he went to the sport shop. He bought a new tennis racket.
      He played the whole day on Wednesday. He stayed home in the evening. He was very tired. Then he spoke to his parents on the phone.
      On Thursday he watched the football match on TV. At the weekend he visited his brother's badminton club.

21.   What does Jaka do?
A.A shopkeeper
B.A businessman
C.An athlete
D.A student

22.   How long did Jaka play tennis on Tuesday?
A.one hour
B.two hours
D.three times

23.   The text tells us about Jaka's ….. last week.
C.busy day

24.   Mother: Banu, … hair is already very long.
Banu   : Well, I'll have it cut.

25.   Part of the body, under the head is called ....

26.   Dito : where do you buy bean, Rin?
Rina : At the green grocer.
The word "bean" has the same sound as …

27.   Yana : Where does Mr. Purwadi go?
Darto : He goes to the harbor. He works in a ship, and often goes abroad for months. Yana : What does he do?
Darto : He is a ...

28.   Dias   : Have you ever been to Taman safari?
Dadit : Sure.
Dias   : When ….
Dadit : Last year.
A.will you go there?
B.did you go there?
C.have you gone there?
D.are you going there?

29.   Rani : What blouses should we buy? The silk ones or cotton ones?
Tia   : …. They are cheaper.
Rani : You're right.
A.You prefer the silk ones to cotton ones.
B.We'd better buy the cotton ones.
C.I like the silk ones and you do too.
D.You have to buy the silk ones and the cotton ones.

30.   Heny : Where are you going to go, Jean?
Jean  : To the drugstore. I have a headache.
From the dialog above we can conclude that …
A.Jean is going to buy medicine.
B.Heny is going to go to the drugstore.
C.Jean isn't going to buy anything.
D.Heny and Jean are going to the drugstore

31.   The room boy: ….., sir?
The guest       : Yes, please. Give me a hand with these two big suitcases, will you?
                        I'll bring the small one myself.
The room boy: All right, sir.
A.Would you like to help me
B.Could you help me
C.May you help me
D.Can I help you

32.   Sari   : I like to see Ayat-ayat Cinta stared by Ferdy Nuril.
Nana : When ….?
Sari   : Tomorrow at Twenty One Theater.
A.was it on
B.will it be on
C.had it been on
D.has it been on

33.   An old man: …. , young boy?
A boy        : Sure. Where to, sir?
A.May I ask for some information
B.Will you do me a favor
C.Do you mind if I help you
D.Can I mail a big card

34.   Wati   : How often do you go to the movie?
Nenny: … a week, every Saturday evening.
A.three times Once
B.Two times

35.   Mimi : Add some salt in the soup, Tin.
Titin  : But there is … salt in the jar. It's empty.
C.a little

36.   Wenny: Mom, ….go to the swimming pool with y friends?
Mother: I am afraid not. You will have a test tomorrow.
A.can I
B.should I
C.may you
D.would you

37.   Denny   : Sir, Papua New Guinea is foreign country, isn't it?
Teacher: That's right. It is foreign country.
              ..... It lies in the same island, Papua, which belongs to Indonesia

38.   Dini     : Is the Juicer brand-new?
Mother: Yes. Your father gave it to me as a birthday present.
             It's Chinese made. What do you think of it?
Dini    : … I like the style.
A.It's quite nice
B.It's tool light
C.It costs too much
D.It's difficult to use

39.   Lucy  : Can Betty operate a computer?
Sandy: Maybe yes, but …. I've never seen her operated it.
A.I doubt
B.I'm sure about it
C.I'm afraid she can
D.I'm surprised to know that

40.   Sandy: Tomorrow is Sunday, ….? Shall we go to the beach?
Denny: Yes, that's a good idea.
A.is it
B.does it
C.isn't it
D.doesn't it

41.   Lucia : Who will join the trip to Bali?
Cindy: …. They are looking forward to the trip.
A.No one

42.   Herry: Yul, who's your favorite athlete?
Yuly  : Taufik and Susi Susanti. …… of them are very good at Badminton.

43.   Father  : Our car always makes trouble.
Mother : Why don't you sell it and buy the new one?
Father  : Well, I don't have any objection to your ideas as long as we afford to.
In the dialog the father expresses ….

44.   Father went to Jakarta three days ago, he is now still there.
It means that father …. in Jakarta for four days.
C.has been
D.is going to be

45.   I have a musical instrument. To play it I have to blow it. It is a …

46.   I imagine a bird. It can stand up straight. It has wings. It cannot fly, but it can run very fast. What is it?
C. penguin

47.   need - to dry - towel - after taking a bath - I - my body
1           2          3                   4                5        6
The right arrangement is ….

48.   The paramedic carried the injured man from the hospital reception to the operation theater on …..
A.a bed
B.a sofa
C.a stretcher
D.a wheelchair

49.   SMP 3 volley ball team was able to beat SMP 2 at the students volley ball championships, because SMP 3 teams played .... than SMP 2.
B.as carefully as
C.more carefully
D.the most carefully

50.   Rudy didn't watch Football match on TV last night, and …
A.sod did I
B.I did too
C.neither did I
D.I wasn't either
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