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Kelas : IX, Prediksi UAN/UNAS (Bahasa Inggris 01)Supported by InVirCom
                                                           My Pet
    I have a pet. It is a dog and I call it Withy, because its color is white. Withy is Chinese breed. It is small, fluffy and cute.  It has got thick fur. When I cuddle it, the fur feels soft, Withy does not like bones. Everyday it eats soft food like steamed rice, fish or bread. Every morning I give it milk and bread.
    When I am at school, Withy plays with my cat. They get along well, and never fight, maybe because Withy doesn't like bark a lot. It treats the other animals in our house gently, and it never eats shoes. Withy is really a sweet and friendly animal.

1.   What type of text is used by the writer?

2.   Why is the dog called Withy?
Because …
A.it is Chinese breed
B.It has white fur
C.it is cute and fluffy
D.it has soft fur

3.   The communicative purpose of the text is …
A.to inform the reader about the beauty of Withy
B.to describe how to breed Withy
C.to retell event for the purpose of entertaining
D.to describe a particular animal

4.   When I cuddle it, the fur fells soft.
The underlined word has closest meaning with …
D.take care

5.   What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A.Withy, my pet dog is Chinese breed
B.My Chinese greed dog only eats soft food
C.Withy which is a Chinese breed is a sweet and friendly animal
D.A Chinese breed dog doesn't bark a lot

6.   Look at the warning below.


This notice means it is a place for …
A.drivers to cross the road
B.old people to cross the road
C.passers to cross the road
D.cycle riders to cross the road

7.   Soni    : Fill up the tank, please.
Yanto : Yes, sir. Have you traveled far?
Soni   : Yes, we left Jakarta this morning for Yogya.
Where does the dialog take place?
A.At a bus station
B.At a gas station
C.At a parking lot
D.At a garage

Read the text below.
                   Baby sitter - FT
A day-care center seeks a baby sitter (fem 17 +)
to work with 2 - 4 year old children. Salary open.
Previous experienced preferred. Call 545-1346
betw. 1 - 4 pm or send CV to Po Box 255, Jkt.

8.   What is the text above?
A.an advertisement
B.A private letter
C.A memo
D.A recipe

9.   What vacancy is being informed in the text?
A.A teacher
B.A nurse
C.A baby
D.A babysitter

10.   What information can we get?
A.A day-care center needs a full time baby sitter
B.The applicant under 17 can apply for the job.
C.The baby sitter will work overnight
D.The applicant can't contact the employer

Read the text below.

From Rani
Sister have you finished shopping? Hurry up. I'm waiting. I've been in the main entrance of Malioboro Mall for more than 30 minutes

11.   What is the form of the text?

12.   What does the text mean?
A.Rani has been waiting for her sister in Malioboro Mall for 30 minutes
B.Rani's sister has been shopping for 30 minutes
C.Rani and her sister are shopping together
D.Rani's sister will meet Rani at the main entrance of Malioboro Mall.

Whales are mammals, but they live in the sea. They breathe air, but they cannot live on land. Some types of whales are very large indeed. Blue whale for example, can grow more than 30 meter in length. They are the largest animals that have live on earth.
     At glance whales look rather like fish. However, there are some important differences in their external structures. Whales have tails that are broad, flat and horizontal. These tails function as paddles. They also have single nostrils on top of their large, broad head.
      A whale's skin is smooth and shiny. Beneath there is a layer of fat or blubber. The fat is up to 30 cm in thickness. This fat keeps heat and fluid so that it can live in cold water.

13.   What is the purpose of the text?
To give …
A.general information about whales
B.information about sea mammals
C.describe one particular whale
D.discuss giant whales

14.   What makes whales different from fish?
A.The things they eat
B.The fat beneath the skin
C.The kind of water they live in
D.The tail structure and the single nostril

15.   'Whales are mammals, but they live in the sea'
The function of the sentence is …
A.to introduce the main idea
B.to conclude the discussion
C.to contrast whale and fish
D.to describe the features of whales

16.   Susi and Ratna are on the way home from school. They talk about Dian's birthday party.
Susi    : will you come to Dian's party tonight, Ratna?
Ratna : Certainly, what's the matter?
The underlined word above expresses …..

17.   Riyan and Dana visit Jakarta for the first time. They look amazingly at the National Monument.
Riyan : Look. Dana the National Monument is very high, and looks so strong.
Dana : Ouch, …..
A.What is high and strong monument.
B.What high and strong monument!
C.What monument is high and strong?
D.How high and strong is the monument

18.   Sinta is a diligent and smart student.
She wants her teacher repeat the explanation, so she will say …