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                                                          The Football Match
       My brother and I went to a football match yesterday. Our school team was playing against another High School team. Our team wore red and white shirts, white shorts, and red stockings. The other team wore orange and black shirts, orange shorts, and black stockings. "They look like bees", my brother said, and we laughed.
     They played like bees too. They ran very fast, attacked very hard, and passed the ball
to each other very fast. Soon they scored their first goal. My brother and I shouted and shouted, "Come on, Valley School! Come on, the Valleys!" Our headmaster was near us and he was shouting too. He seemed very enthusiastic. However, the high school scored another goal. We were very sad.
      Then, one of the "bees" stopped the ball with one of his hands, so our team got the
free kick. Our captain took it and scored a goal. We shouted, "Hooray!" The score was now 2:1. That was better.
     Now our team began to play better-or the "bees" were getting tired. Our team scored
another goal before half-time. In the second half of the match, both teams tried very hard, but neither scored, so at the end the score was still two all.
                                                                                                          Adapted from: L.A. Hill, 1963

1.   The text tells about …
A.joining a football match
B.winning a football match
C.attending a football match
D.the school football team
E.playing football

2.   What did the writer and his brother do after the rival team scored the first goal?
A.They shouted to support their school team.
B.They shouted to the headmaster.
C.They laughed at their school team.
D.They ran very fast.
E.They played like bees.

3.   Which statement is true according to the text?
A.The writer and his brother will watch a football match.
B.The writer's school team wore orange and black shirts.
C.The writer called his school team the "bees".
D.The writer's school team scored the first goal.
E.The opponent scored the first goal.

4.   A word in the text which has the same meaning as "leader" is …

5.   "He seemed very enthusiastic."
The antonym of the underlined word is …

6.   The text tells you about …
A.how to make Pempek Palembang
B.how to eat Pempek Palembang
C.the soup ingredients to make Pempek Palembang
D.how to prepare the ingredients to make Pempek Palembang
E.the equipment needed to make Pempek Palembang

7.   The followings are the main ingredients you need to make Pempek Palembang, except
C.corn _ our
D.soya sauce

8.   What is the use of the food processor?
A.to boil the ingredients
B.to measure the ingredients
C.to fry the ingredients
D.to blend the ingredients
E.to heat the ingredients

9.   Why is oil needed to prepare the dough?
A.to fry the dough
B.to clean the dough
C.to heat the dough
D.to make the dough softer
E.to prevent the dough from being sticky

                                             Queen Aji Bidara Putih
      Muara Kaman lies along the Mahakam River, in eastern Borneo. In the past the area was a kingdom ruled by Queen Aji Bidara Putih. She was a typical queen of myths: beautiful, wise, and sensitive. Many princes and kings proposed to her but she always refused them because she was more concerned with ruling her country and guarding her people.
       One day, a Chinese boat came to eastern Borneo. First, the people thought it was a merchant ship but the boat was loaded with trade goods and highly trained soldiers. Their envoys brought gold and porcelain to announce the marriage proposal from a prince of China. The queen didn't refuse instantly and replied that she had to ponder the proposal first. After the envoys left the palace, the queen called a court officer and ordered him to infiltrate the Chinese boat to gather information on the prince.
      When night fell the officer sneaked onto the boat, got by all the guards, and finally found the prince's room. The large door would not open and he couldn't find a peek hole, so the officer put his ear to the wall, trying to catch sounds from inside. He heard that the prince was having his dinner and the noise of his chewing and slurping surprised the officer. It was like a boar that he had once heard when he was hunting.
        He quickly left the boat and returned to the palace. He reported that the prince must have been a phantom, not a human. He believed that the phantom could be in a human's form only during the daytime. The queen was so surprised and got angry. On the next day, she refused his proposal.
       The enraged prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman. The battle was won by the prince's huge band of troops. As they drew near to the palace, Queen Aji Bidara Putih chewed a leaf of betel vine and sang a mantra while holding it. When she threw it at the Chinese troops, it turned to giant centipedes. The Chinese troops started to retreat but three centipedes chased them and sank the boat. The site of the sunken ship is now known as Danau Lipan (Lake of Centipedes), with Chinese treasures hidden on the lake's bed.
                                                                                              Adapted from: www.st.rim.or.jp

10.   The text tells about …
A.Queen Aji Bidara Putih
B.The Mahakam River
C.The Prince's Proposal
D.The Sunken Ship Troops
E.The Chinese

11.   Where did the story take place?
A.in a kingdom in China
B.in western Borneo
C.in the area that is now called Muara Kaman
D.in a sunken ship
E.in the Lake of Centipedes

12.   How was Queen Bidara Putih like?
A.beautiful, sensible, and sensitive
B.beautiful, uncaring, and sensitive
C.pretty, wise, and indifferent
D.pretty, sensible, and indifferent
E.beautiful, wise, and unconcerned

13.   Why did the envoys bring gold and porcelain?
A.to trade them for stocks
B.to announce the marriage proposal from a prince of China
C.to load their ship
D.to share them with the residents
E.to sell them to the queen

14.   How did Queen Aji Bidara Putih respond to the proposal?
A.She agreed with the proposal instantly.
B.She approved the proposal right away.
C.She did not refuse the proposal immediately.
D.She did not reply the proposal.
E.She refused the proposal.

15.   Why did the prince raid Muara Kaman?
A.because the queen was spying on the prince
B.because the queen did not accept his proposal
C.because the queen attacked the prince's kingdom
D.because the queen returned the prince's gifts
E.because the queen chased the prince away

16.   Which statement is not true according to the text?
A.The prince wanted to marry the queen.
B.The prince had gold and porcelain to announce the marriage proposal.
C.The prince ordered his troops to attack Muara Kaman.
D.The prince won the battle.
E.The prince turned into a giant centipede.

17.   The word "he" (paragraph 3, sentence 3) refers to …
A.the court officer
B.the prince
C.the envoy
D.the phantom
E.the giant centipedes

18.   "Their envoys brought gold and porcelain to …"
The synonym of "envoy" is …

19.   "… prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman."
The synonym of "raid" is …

Based on the picture above complete the dialog.
A.your niece is bad
B.I'm excited to hear that
C.Oh, no.
D.That's great
E.That's a good idea
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