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Kelas : XII, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2010)
Questions 1 to 15, choose the most appropriate answer.

1.   Julian: What do you like doing in your free time?
Parlin: I like reading and listening to music. What about you? . . . .
Julian: Yes, I love swimming and enjoy jogging in the morning before school.
A.Have you got any hobbies?
B.What sport do you like better?
C.How do you spend your weekend?
D.Do your families exercise regularly?

2.   Caller : I have booked a ticket for Sunday afternoon. It's under the name of John Powell. Agent : I'm so sorry, sir. . . . We will call you back.
A.Let me check the reservation number first.
B.Will you buy some more tickets?
C.We're running out afternoon tickets.
D.Can you spell your name, please?

3.   Mira : Did you go to the concert last night?
Yani : Yes, . . . . and I saw Jean playing the harp.
A.I admire her
B.I'm going there
C.It was great
D.It sounds bad

4.   Ita    : Would you like to go to the Sundanese Restaurant on the corner?
Nida: . . . . I know it serves my favorite food. Let's go there.
A.Really sorry, I can't.
B.I'd be delighted to.
C.I'd love to, but...
D.I prefer Italian food

5.   Mirna : The party was great. . . . .
Fadly : Thanks. I'm glad that you could come.
A.I really like the food.
B.I'm not satisfied with it.
C.I'm happy to invite you.
D.I didn't enjoy it at all.

6.   Customer   : Excuse me, I bought this jacket yesterday, but when I tried it on . . . .
Sales Clerk: Let me see. OK, I will replace it with the larger size.
A.It wa too big
B.It was a llittle smaller
C.I looked great
D.It wasn't tight enough

7.   Winda : I have a flat tire. ...
Lenny : Sure. It's not far from here.
A.Do you know the nearest service station?
B.Would you mind staying with me?
C.Will you help me?
D.Can you give me a lift

8.   Anton : Hi, Eric. What are you looking for?
Eric    : Oh, hi. I've been trying to find a really good DVD. Any suggestion?
Anton : Have you seen "Marley and Me"? ... It's an impressive movie.
A.You can buy
B.You will have fun with it
C.You may take mine
D.You should watch it

9.   Beyonce: I've got a problem, Shakira. I borrowed john's MP3 player and I lost it.
Shakira  : Well, ... I would buy him a new one. We have to be responsible.
A.If you had lost it
B.If I were you
C.If I find it
D.If I have enough money

10.   Sofia : I think I'll take the gray shoes.
Aty   : . . . They look nice on you.
A.I don't agree
B.I guess not
C.I couldn't agree more
D.I think so

11.   Samy       : Which bus should I take to get to the Folk Museum?
Pedestrian: . . . It stops in front of the Grand Hotel which is just a block from the museum.
A.You should go to the main street
B.Take the number 64 from the park
C.The bus runs every 30 minutes
D.You can ask the police officer

12.   Tita   : Do you do a lot of overtime?
Ariel : Yes, . . . How about you?
Tita   : Neither do I. Saturdays and Sundays are my families day.
A.but I never work at weekend
B.and I usually do it on Saturdays
C.but I only have few jobs in the afternoon
D.and I always keep up with everything all the week

13.   Man    :  . ..
Officer: What sort do you need, single or return?
Man   : Return, please.
A.I would like to reserve a table
B.I want to make a reservation
C.I am going to book a room
D.I want to book a ticket to Bali

14.   Nisa   : Where's Bunga? What's going on with her?
Fayrus: Come on. It's raining heavily right now. Maybe . . .  Just wait for a couple
             of minutes.
A.she forgot the meeting
B.she got caught in a traffic jam
C.she didn't want to meet us
D.she is already outside

15.   Man      : I need a secretary who can arrange my schedules and represent me in some
Woman : Don't worry. ... I used to be a secretary for three years.
A.I have both capabilities
B.I have to learn it
C.I will arrange my schedules
D.I will represent you

Questions 16 to 20, choose the inappropriate structure in the sentences below.

16.   There are many kinds of expensive cars in Indonesia. The Innova is one of my
favorite and the  APV is the other one. The Innova is much most expensive than
     B                                                                               C
APV, but it's more comfortable.                                                                                      

17.   The tape store is a new kind of tape storage system who can store up to 6,000
computer tapes. No other tape storage system can hold as many computertapes
            B                                                                C
as the tapestore.

18.   A : Should you like to have a credit card, Mam? We offer you two interesting cards  
        A                       B                                              C
      that you could have, silver and gold.      
B  : Well, thank you. I'm not interested.

19.   We are a leasing company. As many as 65% of our employees are posted in the
marketing division. Most of them are smart, talented, good look young men, who
                                                                                       B                  C
do not mind working  ten hours a day, six days a week.

20.   Patient : May I use the rest room?
Nurse : It's being occupied. But you will use the one next to the elevator.
                    B                                  C            D

Questions 21 to 35 are based on a selection reading materials.  Each Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to  question.
WienBach Stationary Ltd.
27 Jl. Kayu Manis, Jakarta 13210
(021) 4721454

                                                                                        March 16, 2010

Ms. Denia
Hope Ltd.
18 Jl. Tarumanegara 45
Kalimantan 22543

Dear Ms. Denia,

         Thank you for ordering 20 cases of premium paper from WienBach Stationary Ltd. Your order has been shipped and should reach you withing the next five business days.
         Find yiur enclosed total bill for the above order amounting Rp 5,000,000 and the chech for Rp 500,000 is your refundd. Because you paid in advance, we are giving you a 10 percent cash discount and we are paying for the shipping and handling, also.
        WienBach Stationary Ltd. is pleased to add you to its  list of customers. We look forward to your next order.


                                                                                  Customer Service
2 enclosures

21.   Where is the order delivered to?
C.Wienbach warehouse
D.Wienbach Stationary Ltd

22.   Paragraph two tells us about . . .
A.the half price of the total order
B.shipping and handling fees of the products
C.the rebate of the total payment
D.the preentage of billing payment

23.   " ... pleased to addyou to its list of customers." (Paragraph 3 sentence 1)
The underlined word refers to ...
A.paper corporation
B.shipping company
C.Hope ltd
D.Wiembach Stationary Ltd

                                     INDONESIA: FACTS AND FIGURES

Electricity from thermal sources                        86.93 percent (2001 estimate)
Electricity from hydroelectric sources                10.52 percent (2001 estimate)
Electricity from nuclear sources                         0 percent (2001 estimate)
Electricity from geothermal, solar, and               2.55 percent (2001 estimate)
wind sources  
Number of radios per 1,000 people                  155 (1997)
Number of telephone per 1,000 people             35 (2001)
Number of telvision per 1,000 people                145 (2000 estimate)
Number of Internet host per 1,000 people          2.2(2001)
Daily newspaper circulation per 1,000 people     23 (1998)
Number of motor vehicles per 1,000 people       25 (1998)
Paved road as a share of total roads                   46 percent (1999)

24.   What is the table about?
A.The usage of hydro and geothermal for electric energy
B.The expenses of energy for 1.000 people during 3 years
C.The consumption of energy, communication, and transfortation
D.The need of electronic devices and natural resources for 1.000 people

25.   The energy not being used is from ...
A.wind resources
B.electricity resources
C.nuclear resources
D.thermal resources

26.   "Electricity from geothermal, solar, , and wind resources."
The underlined word is close in meaning with ...

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova is a Rusian professional tennis player. She was born in 1987 in Ngayan, Siberia.

At the age of three, Sharapova moved with her family to Sochi. She began playing tennis at the age of four using a racket given to her by Yevgeng Kafelnikov's father.
At the age five or six, at a tennis clinic in Moscow, Sharapova was sptted by Martina Navratilova, who urged her parents to get her serious coaching in the USA.

At the age of seven, she and her father boarded a plane to the  USA with only $700. Her father took her to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy where one of the coaches check her out. The story goes that maria knocked his hat off with the tennis ball, thereby making a favorable impression. This led her obtaining a scholarship. At the age of nine, she was signed up by a number of sponsors including Prince (racquets), Oakley and Nike.

In 2004, Shapova became the second youngest Wimbledon womman's champion in open era
(after Martina Hingis) by defeating defending two-time champion Serena williams in straight sets
(6-1, 6-4).  In the process she also became the first Rusian ever to win that tournament.

27.   What is the text about?
A.The family of maria Sharapova
B.Professional tennis players in the world
C.The happiness of having a great father
D.The working experienceof maria Sharapova

28.   In what age was miss Sharpova being a model of some products?

29.   "... was spotted by Martina Navratilova ..." (Paragraph 2)
The synonym of the underlined word is...

Your personal safety at an Absa ATM is our first priority. For this reason Absa has taken great care to make ATM Banking as safe as possible. Here's what you cando to make sure you and your money are safe.

   1.  Approach an ATM only under the right condition and be aware of your surroundings.
   2. Check the area for suspicsious-looking characters before you approach the ATM.
        Leave   the  immediately, if you don't feel safe.
   3. If you think the ATM is not working, cancel the transaction immediately and try to
        use another ATM.
   4. Always concentrate and keep your eyes on the screen when performing a transaction.
   5. When entering your PIN cover the keypad with your hand, making sure no one else
        see your PIN.
   6. If you need help, ask your Absa bank ifficial, rather than the security guard.
   7. If your card is lost, stuck in the machine or swallowed, call the Absa lost card line or
        contact your nearest Absa branch immediately.

30.   What is the text about?
A.the priority of Absa ATM Banking
B.Advice for users of Absa ATM
C.How to draw money from Absa ATM
D.Things to do while using Absa ATM

31.   Accordingto the text, what should you do when doing a transaction?
A.Be calm
B.Be great
C.Be careful
D.Be focused

32.   What should you do if you don't feel secure?
A.Go away
B.Put away
C.Take away
D.Stay away

                                                         TOYOTA CITY

          Toyota , a city in Japan, is on east central Honshu Island, in central aichi Prefecture on the yahagi river.  Toyota is the headquarter of the Toyota Motor Corporation and is a major automobile manufacturing and assembly center. A classic company town, it has a planned layout for its sprawling assembly plants, office complexes, and housing development for workers and their families. The city was formerly named Koromo, meaning "clothing" and prospered from the late 19th century until the 1930's as a center of the silk industry. Its development as an automobile manufacturing center began with the opening of the first assembly plant in 1937.  The city's name was changed to Toyota in 1959 after the second plant, Motomachi, was opened and the population began to grow rapidly. Population (2002): 342,835

33.   What is the main idea of the text?
A.The history of Toyota City
B.The geographical aspects of the Toyota City
C.The production of the Toyota Motor Corporation
D.The families and workers of the Toyota motor Corporation

34.   What was the old name of Toyota City

35.   The word 'their' in the sentence "It has a planned layout fot its aprawling assembly plants, office complexes,and housing development for workers and their families" refers to ...
C.assembly plants
D.housing development
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