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Reading Section
Questions 1 - 10 are incomplete dialogues. Four choices marked a, b, c, d are given beneath each dialogue. You have to choose the one that best completes the dialogue.

1.   Koko : When will the seminar be held?
Nita   : .............
A.Due to some problems, the seminar is cancelled.
B.The president is going to attend the seminar.
C.The exhibition is going to be held soon.
D.The seminar is going to start tomorrow.

2.   Rendy : Hello, I'm Rendy, a new student here.
Cindy   : Oh, glad to meet you....
A.Her name's Cindy.
B.Cindy's my friend.
C.I know Cindy very well.
D.My name's Cindy.

3.   Mr. B : Excuse, me. Can I meet Mr. Wilson?
Mr. C : There are two Mr. Wilsons here! The young one or the old one?
Mr. B : .................
Mr. C : I see. His office is the second room on the right.
Mr. B : Thank you.
A.He is about 40 years old and wears glasses.
B.He is a nice person and works here.
C.He likes swimming and reading.
D.He looked happy and proud.

4.   Sasi : Can the government eliminate corruption in the next five years?
Mini : ... …….. If the enforcement of law is strictly applied.
A.I think it impossible.
B.It's possible.
C.It is out of the question.
D.I don't think so.

5.   Operator : Subscription Division, Tempo Magazine. Can I help you?
Caller      : Yes, I'd like to subscribe to Tempo.
Operator : Yes, Ma'am .......?
Caller     : This is Susan Olivia.
A.Can I talk to Susan Olivia.
B.Shall I call you with your last name?
C.May I know who's calling, please?
D.Can you tell me her name, please?

6.   Receptionist : Can I help you?
Tomi            : Yes.... Is that possible to get two double rooms for next month? Receptionist : Of course. May I know your name and address, please?
A.I'd like to make a reservation.
B.I want you to check my rooms.
C.I'd like to confirm my reservation.
D.I want to reserve a table

7.   Bayu  : What is Mr. Edward doing right now?
Zahra : ...........
A.He is delivering luggage.
B.He is mending the computer.
C.He is talking to his client.
D.He is preparing lunch for everyone

8.   Mr. Robert : What did they say about your last presentation?
Ms. Duval  : They said ........
A.it gave them clear ideas about the product.
B.it is nice of you to give presentation.
C.you will be invited to come.
D.they are free to ask questions.

9.   Parmin : Have you decided what to order?
Suti      : No, I haven't made up my mind. Anything to suggest?
Parmin : .........
Suti      : Good idea. I need something to quench my thirst.
A.Can we have Soda?
B.Why don't we have some soup?
C.What about having fried chicken?
D.How about ordering some hamburger?

10.   Anto   : When can I apply for a driving license, Dad?
Father : .........
A.When you can drive well
B. When you will use it.
C.When you need it
D.When you have a car

In questions 11 - 20, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A, B, C, and D. You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.

11.   Patient: I have trouble with my skin. It's very sensitive and irritable
Doctor: Take this medicine twice a day! But you avoid to eat fish.
               B                              C                                      D

12.   Rekha : Is your sister in college?
                      A         B
Jay      : No, she work in the hospital.

Rekha : And your little brother?
Jay      : He studies in a Senior High School.

13.   If you like reading a newspaper, you had better choose the one who can provide you with
                   A                                                      B                    C
many kinds of information. 'Harian Caraka' can satisfy your daily need of complete
information. Do subscribe now!

14.   Receptionist : Good afternoon. What can I do for you, Madam?
Visitor         : I  would rather meet the director, please.
Receptionist: Have you got an appointment?
Visitor          : Yes, I have.

15.   Good morning everybody! According with the weather forecast, it will be cloudy from
                                                 A                                                                B
morning till afternoon and a heavy rain in the evening. So don't forget to bring your raincoat.
                                             C           D

16.   Guest    : Excuse me. Please you show me where the bank is?
Security: Sure. It's on the third floor. You can use the elevator over there.
                           B                                         C
The bank is next  to the Star Office on your right.

17.   Julie      : Might I declare the souvenir I bought to the custom officer at the airport?
               A            B                               C
Robert  : Yes, I think so.

18.   In our new department store, you'll find more good atmosphere of shopping than in the old
one. You' 11 be surprised by our services and the completeness of our goods.
  B                                                   C                                                    D

19.   Yanti : How does the government solve the problem of the city traffic?
Andi : The new city highway will be build next year. And it will take two years to complete
                                                  B                                                       C
the construction.

20.   Nunu: Why don't you take the chance? You can go around the world.
                                   A                                     B
Ali    : If  I were you, I would have taken it.
                   C                      D

Questions 21 - 35 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to each question.
Questions 21 - 23 refer to the following letter:

3200 Devon Road, Apartment 18
Muncie, IN 47304
March 3, 2007
Ms. Rae Morrow
Editor, Campus Update
Ball State University
Muncie, In 47306

Dear Ms. Morrow,
I am applying for the summer internship as editorial assistant for Campus Update, Ball State University's magazine for faculty and staff. Dr. Maureen Duffy, Professor of English, called my attention to your advertisement in the Daily News and encouraged me to apply for the position.
I am a sophomore working toward a bachelor's degree in English and speech communication. My courses have given me extensive experience in public speaking, interviewing, writing, and conducting research. As the enclosed resume illustrates my work experience include writing for an Indianapolis newspaper, editing a student literary magazine, and composing press releases for a congressional candidate. In addition, my two years' working as secretary and research assistant for Dr. Duffy and as a tutor in the writing center have helped me learn a great deal about the diverse research activities and professional services of ball state university's faculty and staff.

I feel that my education, writing experience, and understanding of the university will enable me to be an efficient and effective editorial assistant for Campus Update. This internship will provide me with valuable experience as I work toward my career goal as a writer or editor for a commercial magazine. I am available for &n interview and will be happy to submit samples of my writing. My local telephone number is 555-5721.

                                                                                     Faithfully yours,

                                                                                      Maria Galvao
Enclosure: Resume

21.   What kind of job does Maria apply for?
A.Reporter for a newspaper office.
B.Staff of a university professor.
C.Lecturer of English communication.
D.Editorial assistant for a campus magazine

22.   How will probably the firm respond to Maria's letter?
A.By renewing the contract of work.
B.By editing the samples of the magazine.
C.By submitting the samples of her writing.
D.By contacting her directly for an interview.

23.   "My courses have given me extensive experience ..." (Paragraph 2)
The antonym of the underlined word is ...........

Questions 24 - 26 refer to the following information:

A great earthquake occurred at 6:58 a.m. local time on Sunday, 26 December 2004. It triggered massive tsunami (SOO-NAH-MEE) that affected several countries throughout south and Southeast Asia.
By December 30, 2004 the death toll from the Asian tsunami disaster had arisen to over 100,000 people and by 5 January 2005, the number approached 150,000

24.   In the Asian tsunami disaster, how many people were probably killed by the end of December 2004?
A.Less than 100.000.
B.More than 100.000.
C.Over 10.000.
D.Over 150.000.

25.   "It triggered massive tsunami (SOO-NAH-MEE) that ... (line 1).
The word "it" refers to....
A.Local time
B.Southeast Asia

26.   The antonym of the word "massive" in line 2 is....

Questions 27 - 29  refer to the following advertisement :

                                         GOING TO EUROPE?
Swissair will get you there the quickest. We fly 8 times a week-more often than any other airline. Our new 767 aircraft will take you more comfortably and quietly to Paris, London, or Geneva. With wider seats, you have more rooms and arrive feeling fresh. Our air hostesses will serve you gently and politely and help you enjoy your flight better. TRY US. SWISSAIR

27.   The following are cities mentioned as the destination of the Swissair, except ....

28.   "... and arrive feeling fresh"
The synonym of the underlined word is...............

29.   We can conclude from the text that........
A.no other airline flies to Europe as often as the Swissair.
B.no other airline has wider seats than the Swissair.
C.The Swissair offers the cheapest fare to Europe.
D.The Swissair has the newest type of aircraft.

Questions 30 - 32 refer to the following instruction:
Adults .........................................2 table spoonfuls
Children: according to the age :
10 -14 years.......................................4 teaspoonfuls
6-10 years .........................................2 teaspoonfuls
3-6 years .........................................1 teaspoonful
Repeat above dosage every hour to 1 hour if needed until 8 doses are taken. If relief does not occur within two days, consult a physician.

30.   How is children's dosage determined?
A.By age.
B.By weight.
C.By consultation.
D.By the amount of food consumed.

31.   In a four-hour period, how much is the maximum amount of medication that an adult should take?
A.Two doses.
B.Four doses.
C.Six doses.
D.Eight doses.

32.   "Repeat above dosage …..."
The antonym of the underlined word is....

Questions 33 - 35 refer to the following letter:
                                                                                           9 Jalan Buah Batu
                                                                                           East Java
Personnel Manager
PT. Mahkota Raya
Jl. Dewaruci
Jakarta 13210

Dear Sir,
I, here with, send you my application for the post of technician in your company. I have completed my technical course at Paramitha Course. Having finished my course, I worked for PT. United Lima as a part timer for 2 months. I quit for environmental reason. For further consideration, I enclose my curriculum vitae and copies of my certificates. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with an opportunity for an interview.
                                                                                          Yours faithfully,


33.   What position does the applicant apply for?
A.Personnel Manager.

34.   What does Marliana expect?
A.She will take a one year Diploma Program.
B.She will be invited for an interview.
C.She will be promoted.
D.She will complete the course

35.   What is the synonym of the word "completed" (line 2) in the text?

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