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Kelas : XII, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2011)
Choose the appropriate answer.

1.   Tourist  : Excuse me. Can you show me the place to buy merchandise?
Student : Well, the gift shop is over there at the corner of the street. . . . .
               You'll see it in the front of the nursery school.
A.I'm sorry I don't know
B.It's closed in the afternoon
C.There are two gift shops around here
D.Just walk along this street for two blocks

2.   Erik   : You look exhausted. You need a break.
Risno : . . .  Unfortenately, the company doesn.t have many employees
A.I'll get a new job if I don't do it.
B.If I were the manager, I would go for a vacation.
C.If I were you, I would talk to the manager.
D.I'd do it if there weren't too much work.

3.   Agus : What are you going to do after you graduate, Tika?
Tika  : . . . .  
Agus : What will you take?
Tika  : I'm thinking of majoring in Mathematics.
A.I'll travel around the world.
B.I'll try to find a job.
C.I'm working as a clerk.
D.I plan to go to college.

4.   Anna : . . . .?
Gary : What's wrong with it?
Anna : It's hard to read the result.
A.Will you save this document?
B.Could you check the program?
C.Could you print this document again?
D.Can I help you, please?

5.   Agus   : Why didn't you come to school yesterday? You had a class, didn't you?
Marjo : I was schocked. My best friend, Trisno got heart attack.
            He's being hospitalized at Sarjito Hospital now.
Agus : Oh. . . . . Hoping better soon.
Marjo: yeah.
A.I'm sorry to hear that.
B.He must do some exercise.
C.He must be careful then.
D.I'm surprised to hear that.

6.   Visitor : Why is the place so messy?
Host   : I'm sorry.   . . . .  But we'll tidy up as soon as possible.
A.It's not a problem, right?
B.Can you help us clean it?
C.The office boy didn't come this week.
D.The receptionist will inform you later.

7.   Harry : Perhaps we could all go out for dinner . . . .
Jenny : That'd be lovely. We've planned it several times ever since we moved here.
A.What about eating in Padang Restaurant?
B.Why don't we eat together at home?
C.Should we order the food now?
D.What about going to the office?

8.   Resa : Sales, Dena Resa speaking.
Puji   : May I speak to Thomas, please?
Resa : I'm sorry. His line is busy right now.   . . . .?
Puji   : All right. Please tell him Resa called.
A.Woul you like to hold on?
B.Could you wait for him?
C.Who's speaking?
D.May I take a message?

9.   Arya : How was your trip to Bandung?
andy : It's nice. . . . It made two days too short to pass.
A.I really enjoyed beeing there.
B.I couldn't see any places.
C.I'll be there again tomorrow.
D.Bandung really makes everyone happy.

10.   Bambang : I'm having a party on Friday.  . . . .
Sita          : Well, thanks for inviting me, but I'm afraid I'm busy then.
Bambang : Oh, that's too bad. Maybe some other time.
A.May I ask you about it?
B.Could you drive me?
C.Can you come?
D.Would you invite me?

11.   Uncle     : I didn't see your mother. Where is she?
Nephew : She is in the kitchen.  . . . .
A.She is preparing our meal.
B.She should have cooked lunch
C.She was busy helping fathr in the office.
D.She used to order some fruits from that place.

12.   Hassan : . . . .
Dayat  : Well, he usually drives, but today he is taking a bus.
A.When will Mr. John arrive?
B.How did Andi arrive at school?
C.What time does he leave today?
D.How does your father go to the office?

13.   Hassan        : Excuse me, . . . . on May 15 and 16. Is it available?
Receptionist : I'm sorry sir. I'm afraid our hotel is fully booked at that time.
A.I'd like to book a ticket.
B.I'd like to reserve a room.
C.I need to order a birthday cake.
D.I need to confirm about my reservation.

14.   Ramli : I've just bought this mobile phone and I still don't know how to use it.
           Who do you think can help me?
Kevin : . . . . he works as a phone service center.
A.You should buy a new manual book.
B.Sonny might be able to handle the problem.
C.You must go tothe shopping mall.
D.Sonny can ask your help

15.   Siti    : This novel looks very interesting.
Septi : Yes, It's very good. There are a lot of moral lesson in it. I have just read it.
Siti    : . . . .
Septi : Yes, of course. But not more than three days. I'm going to return it.
A.Do you think I can borrow it?
B.Could you tell me about the lesson?
C.Will you buy the novel soon?
D.Could I buy novel?

Choose the inappropriate structure  in the sentences below and choose the best word ot phrase to ssubtitute it.

16.   Teacher : Who is that boy? He have a kinky short black hair.
                 A                              B
Amir : He is my friend from Papua.
           C                     D

17.   Syuli  : What do you think of the speech delivered by Mr. Smith?
                                 A                                B
Salwa: I think it's motivated. We can take a lesson of it.
                               C                       D
A.thought of

18.   Customer : What does this diamond ring cost?
                             A                                 B
Clerck     : Oh, that's Rp 1,750,000.00
Customer : That's quite expensive. May you give it for Rp 1,250,000.00?
Clerk       : That's too low. I''l give it for Rp 1,500,000.00

19.   Andrew : I found my journey to bali interesting.
Mario    : If you had got a bad travel agent like I had, you won't say that.
               B                                                        C                  D
A.am finding
B.only if
C.I have
D.wouldn't have said

20.   Guest      : Good morning, we're from Lion Motor Club.
Manager : Welcome to villager's production of helmet.
                We give you better products and as good quality than others.
                     A                                                                    C
                We guarantee your money back.

21.   News articles try to present only facts. The editoraial page is the section of the
newspaper who news writer are given the opportunity express their opinions about
                     A                      B                                                C
recent event policies and community activities.

Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to each question.

                                                                           Hotel Toegoe Malang
                                                                           Jl. Tugu 3 Malang East Java

                                                                          January 3rd, 2010

The PR Manager,
Garuda Hotel
1 Malioboro Street,

Dear sir,

         I would like to tell you that our PR and HR managers, Mrs. Riani Sukma and Mr. Ari Bintarto, will attend a meeting in Yogyakarta on January 21st, 2010 and stay there for three days.
        We should be glad if you will reserve accommodation for them; 2 (two) single rooms with 2 (two) bathrooms.
        Please let us have an early confirmation of this booking.

                                                                     Yours faithfully,

                                                                     Hotel Toegoe Malang
                                                                     PontyYuniar Risgiyanto

22.   We should be glad if you will reserve ...?
The underlined word is closest in meaning to . . .

23.   What is the purpose of the letter?
A.To send two managers to Yogyakarta for a meeting
B.To book rooms in Garuda Hotel
C.To reconfirm the room reservation
D.To offer a hotel accommodation

24.   Who will join a conference in Yogyakarta?
A.Mr. Ponty Yuniar Risgiyanto
B.The PR manager of Garuda Hotel
C.Mrs. Sukma and Mr. Bintarto
D.The managers of hotels in Yogyakarta

                                         The assembly Line Worker

In 1949, when I was 13, my family managed to escape China, and a year later, we made our way to New York City. My first years in America was spent on learning and trying to get by in school. But by my senior year, I was near the top of the class.

Still, I was nervous as I looked for work that summer. I had never been interviewed for a job. But my father was out of work, and i had to help support the family. I looked through the want ads every morning and was called to arrange appointment. Finally,
25. I found a job on the assembly-Line at the Swingline, Inc. Staplers factory in Long Island City (in New York City). Placing little red top on tiny staplers was boring, but it was great to earn $40 a week.

The most important job I ever held was my first job on an assmbly-line. The minimum wage may not have been glamourous, but it gave me indepence and enabled me to help the family.
                                                                              (Taken from journey-2 by Lebauer, 1977)

25.   . "... but it gave me indepence and enabled ..." (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word refers to . . . .
B.first work
D.minimum wage

26.   When did the writer and his family make their way to New York City?
A.In 1950
B.In 1977
C.When he was 13 years old
D.When he was 40 years old

27.   What is the main topic of paragraph 2?
A.The writer's first job
B.The writer's first interview
C.The writer's father
D.The writer's most important job

28.   How many graduates become entrepreneur?

29.   What do the two fifth of SMK Grafika graduates do?
B.Getting a job
C.Running own business
D.studying in a community college

30.   What does the chart show?
A.The students who did not graduate
B.The students of a community college
C.SMK student's activities after they graduate
D.Unemployed students

TextSubcribe now and get up to 45% off the newstand price. Just follow three steps:
1. Thick the offer you prefer and add  your details below.
      a.  I would like to get the Jakarta Globeat a special discount rate of Rp 468,000.00
           for three months, a saving  of 30% from the  newstand price.
      b.  I would like to get the Jakarta Globeat a special discount rate of Rp 1,404,000.00
           for 12 months, a saving  of 45% from the  newstand price.
2. Transfer the amount of the offer you want to Lippo Bank Gatot Subroto, account no.
      73838979, PT Jakarta, Globe Media.
3. Cut out and fax us the coupon provided at 622553258 together with the proof of
     the bank  transfer.

NB: We also offer monthly subcription at a price of Rp 195,000.00 per month. If you prefer this option, please contact your local delivery agent to find out who your nearest agent is, call our customer service officer at the number above.

31.   What is the i nformation about?
A.How to be a subcriber
B.How to send the money
C.How to be a reader
D.How to fax the coupon

32.   What is the third step if you want to be a subcriber?
A.Transfer the amount to the bank
B.Call customer care staff
C.Contact local delivery order agent
D.Cut the coupon provided and fax it

33.   What should you do if you want to save 30% from the newstand price?
A.Get the paper at special discount for six months
B.buy the paper at special discount for 12 months
C.Transfer the amount for the offer to Lippo Bank
D.Transfer the amount for the 3-monthspecial discount

Google Inc. Is an american public corporation specializing in the internet search. It also generates profits from advertising bought on its similarly fee-to-user, e-mail, online mapping, office productivity, social networking and video-sharing service. Advert free version are available via paid subcription. Google has more recently developed an open source web browser and mobile phone operating system. Its headquaters, often referred to as the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, california. AS of march 31, 2009, the company had 19,786 full time employees. It runs thousands of server across the world, processing millions of search requests each day and about one petabyte
of user-generated data each hour.

34.   What is the text about?
A.Social Networking
B.Advert-free version
C.The google overview
D.The American Public corporation

35.   According to the text, from which of the folowing items does Google generate profit?
A.The internet search
B.Pay for user email
D.Video games sharing services
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