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Kelas : XII, Ebtanas (Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2006)
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Direction: You are to choose the word or phrase the best completes the sentence.

1.   Firda: Are you receptionist?
Bela : No, I'm not. I'm a secretary. What do you do?
Firda: ….. I'm an architect.
A.I file letters
B.I do everything
C.I design buildings
D.I answer telephones

2.   Billy   : Diana, ….. on Friday night?
Diana : I want to see a new film at Valencia.
Billy   :  Oh, Yeah. I saw it last week. It was great.
A.what did you do
B.what have you done
C.what would you do
D.what are you going to do

3.   Nany: My father gave two hundred thousand rupiahs.
Beni  : What are you going to do with it?
Nany: I think I'll put it in my savings account.
          I have five hundred thousand rupiahs in the bank now.
Beni : Wow! …
A.That's a lot
B.That's many
C.That's plenty
D.That's just a few

4.   Buchari: Why did you move to a small town?
Jerry    : I think Jakarta is very noisy and crowded. …..
A.I didn't get to live in a big city.
B.I didn't used to live in a big city
C.I didn't like to live in a big city
D.I didn't agree to live in a big city

5.   Fiza   : How old are you?
Ikram: I'm fourteen.
Fiza   : I think you are not … to have a driver's license.
A.too old
C.old enough
D.worried about

6.   Raka: Mira, I'd like you to meet my friend Anto.
Mira : Hi, Anto.
Anto: Hello, Mira. You look so familiar .... before?
A.Did we meet
B.Have we met
C.Will we meet
D.Should we meet

7.   Caller : Hi, Diana. Where are you? What are you doing?
Diana : Hi, Jean. I'm at the Plaza with Sheila …..
A.We had just finished working.
B.We are waiting for dinner to serve.
C.We would decide to hang around after dinner.
D.We'll go home soon after we finish eating.

8.   Calle r: Hi, Diana. Can you come over? I need to fax data using this new 4-in -1 printer Diana : Oh, come on, Willy.
            You can read the manual, can't you? Just open the lid.
            Put the paper in the glass, press the fax button, and read what to do next.  
            ...  Okay?
Caller: Okay. Thanks.
A.If the instruction were clear, you can send the data.
B.If you read carefully, you would be able to send the data.
C.If you follow the instructions, you will be able to send the data.
D.If you followed what you read, you would succeed in sending the data.

9.   Sheila : Listen. ….., and start looking around.
Diana : Good idea. I need to go to the travel agent on the 3rd floor.
A.Why don't you just finish our dinner
B.How about looking for a travel agent
C.Should we ask for some dessert and coffee
D.Do you hear the music coming from the store

10.   Travel Agent: May I help you?
Nick            : Yes. ….., please?
Travel agent : Of course. Could you give me your booking code?
A.Can I pay my bill
B.Can I book a seat to Solo
C.Can I have my ticket issued
D.Can I reserve a ticket to Solo

11.   Teacher: What does your father do?:
Student : Technician, sir. He works in textile industry. …..
A.He fix the machines
B.He is cutting the clothes
C.He takes care of the machinery
D.He'll give colors to the clothes

12.   Tanti      : What do we need when we want to apply for a job?
Rahman : We need to have special skills because … with other job seekers.
A.we had competed
B.we competed
C.we will compete
D.we have competed

13.   Anita    : We can't take this omelet order.
Sandra : What's the problems?
Anita   : …. in the fridge.
A.There aren't any eggs.
B.There isn't many oil
C.There aren't much sugar
D.There isn't little butter

14.   Interviewer: Tell me about your educational background.
Interviewee: I graduated from SMK, Restaurant program, then … and I passed it
                   last month.
A.I am going to a tourism college
B.I get a job in the canteen of a university
C.I will run my own restaurant business
D.I took a short course on bartending

15.   Gibran: How do you get to the meeting venue from the hotel?
Farhan: …. It is only five minute walk.
A.It's too close for us to get there on foot
B.It's not too far to get there on foot
C.It's far enough for us to get there on foot
D.It's not close enough to get there on foot

Part II
The next questions each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words or phrases are marked A, B, C and D. You have to identify the words or phrases that should be corrected or rewritten.

16.   Ladies and Gentlemen, to show our commitment to healthier lives, we announce that
                        A                              B
our restaurant is going to downsize our Super Size French in the United Sates
about 610 calories to 540 calories.

17.   Reporter     : Mr. Nakano, sorry to disturb you, but could you tell me how the
                     accident happened?                                                                    
Mr. Nakano: I drove when suddenly; a man on a bike came out of his lane and
                          C                                            D
                      bumped into  my car.

18.   National Brand cookies contain both natural ingredients or chemical additives.
                                                  A                                B
They are made from roasted wheat, flour, sugar, eggs, and honey. They come
in a variety of flavors.

19.   Shinta Department Store announces the bigger sale of the year. Prices are
                                            A                  B                                                    
reduced up to 70%. This interesting offer is only for three days.
    C                                     D

20.   Caller         : May I speak to Mr. Dede?
Receptionist: I'm afraid he's out at the moment. Must I take a message?
                                      B                                  C
Caller          : Yes, please tell him Tyo from AMC Company would like to
                     make an appointment.

21.   Amazon Golf club has opened its newest-golf course. The modern course
designed by professional golfers is only 15 minutes from the city center. Only
     B                                         C
a few memberships are available, although visit our down town office soon.

22.   Hery : I avoid eaten chicken now.
Fahmi: Why? I know you like chicken very much.
Hery : Haven't you heard about the avian influenza?
              C               D

23.   Forget the couch, whose you need to sit or lie on while watching TV, Soon you
                               A                                                       B
will be able to watch anything you want, anywhere on your laptop or on your phone.
                                      C                                             D

24.   Andre : Are you going to drive to the Sea World?
Ray    : Have you got a better idea?
Andre  : If I were you, I will take the special train to the amusement park.
                                         C                                                   D

25.   Customer: Why is it so expensive? Last week you said five hundred thousand.
                    A                                      B
Vendor   : Because the price is converting from dollars to rupiahs based on today's rate.
                                                     C                                                               D

The following questions are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer a, b. c. or d to each question.

26.   Why did Mr. Febrianto send the letter?
A.To claim
B.To apologize
C.To adjust a claim
D.To make an appointment

27.   How will the customer probably feel after receiving the letter?

28.   What is the text about?
B.San Juan High Academy
C.The students of San Juan high Academy
D.San Juan High Academy program for their students

29.   What is the synonym of the word "to get into act"?
A.To become involved
B.To motivate
C.To learn
D.To play

30.   How long can they work and play with the computer?
A.Two days
B.Two weeks
C.Two months
D.Two years

31.   What are the two distinctive features of Samsung i5 digital camera?
A.The compact-size body and a new viewfinder.
B.The powerful digital camera and large LCD screen
C.The internal optical zoom lens and safety flash button
D.The 5 mega pixels-worth power and a small camera body

32.   What is the meaning if the word "drawback" in line 5?

33.   What is the topic of paragraph 1?
A.NCL's services
B.Longer port visits
C.Freestyle Cruising
D.Itineraries to Hawaii

34.   Which of the following cruises sails between the islands of Hawaii and Fanning island?
A.Pride of Aloha
B.Pride of Hawaii
C.Norwegian Wind
D.Pride of America

35.   What does "guest-friendly disembarkation" mean?
A.Guest enjoy full time services on board
B.Guests have freedom to eat anytime they like
C.Passengers have flexible time to leave the ship
D.Passengers wear casual clothes in their spare time
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