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Choose the best answer.

You may find this warning at a super market or mall. What does it mean?
A.We must make a pocket
B.We must have a pocket
C.We have to be friendly to pick-pockets
D.We must be careful of pick-pocket

2.   Beware of pick-pocket.
The word 'beware' has the same meaning with. . . .
A.Be careful
B.Be patient
C.Be dangerous
D.Be kind

3.   From the text we know that . . . .
A.the competition is held by the teachers
B.the winners get medal as prize
C.there are three winners of the competition
D.the contestants are only from grade nine

4.   Who wrote the announcement?
B.Student Union
C.All studnts

5.   What is the purpose of writing the text?
A.To tell about the activities at school
B.To inform about the new students
C.To announce the results of the English competition
D.To give information about the English competition

6.   The text above shows that . . .
A.the writer is one of the contetants
B.Esther is the best student
C.Rudy is Esther's special friend
D.Esther is the best singer

7.   The text is for . . . of FL2SN.
A.the best student
B.the best teacher
C.the best singer
D.the best graduate student

8.   What program can the students do individually?
A.Story Telling Contest
B.Choir Contest
C.Basketball Match
D.Wall Magazine Competition

9.   The competition will last for . . . days.

10.   "They are, Choir Contest, ........"
"Choir" means a group of people trained to . . . . together.

11.   Based on the message above we know that . . . .
A.the students can submit their assignment on September 9 th
B.the message is for all students at school
C.the message is intended for the students of 9 A
D.There are 5 days left to complete the assignment

12.   Why does Mr. Steven send a message to Antony?
A.The students want to have a long holiday
B.The students don't submit their assignment yet
C.The students will finish their assignment soon
D.Antony, the chair person of 9 A, doesn't want to have holiday

              The largest animal alive is the blue whale. Fully grown , these great creatures reach length of over 30 meters and weigh  as much as twnety four large elephants, or more than 1,500 men. The herat of a blue whale is more than a meter in diameter.
             The blue whale is not a fish, even though it depends its entire life in the sea. Whales are mammals, just like us. A mother whale gives birth to a live baby whale, not an egg. She feeds her baby with her own milk. While fish are clod-blooded, whales are warm-blooded, and the have lungs and breathe air, like us.
            For all its size, a blue whale feeds mainly on tiny shrimps. It is  harmless to man. Unfortunately for the blue whales, men are not hramless to them. So many blue whales are hunted and killedtheat very few of these magnificent animals are now left alive.

13.   What is the text about?
B.Blue whale

14.   What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A.The blue whale is not a fish
B.The largest animal is the blue whale
C.The blue whale feeds mainly on tiny shrimps
D.The blue whale feeds her baby with her own milk

15.   Which statement below is true according to the passage?
A.Whale eats every sea creature
B.Whale breaks by laying egg
C.Whale is a huge animal
D.Whale is a kind of fish

16.   "For all its size, a blue whale feeds mainly on tiny shrimps." What does the word "tiny" mean in the sentence?
C.Very big
D.Very small

             In Beijing china, there is a special School for circus people. The school teaches students from around the world. The name of the school is The International Circus School. This school has a lot of  training gyms. The school has a modern dormitory for foreign students, and there is a large cafetaria where the students have their food. The school also has a laundry. Older students can wash their clothes there.
           Sophie is an eleven-year-old French girl. She is one of the pupils at the circus school. She wants to become a professional circus performer. Her parents are circus performers, too. Sophie and other students practice six hours a day in a gym. They practice from Monday to Friday. On weekendsm the school often organizes tours around town.

17.   Where do the students from out China stay?
A.in a hotel
B.in their house
C.in a dormitory
D.in a cafetaria

18.   How many days do the students practice in a week?

19.   "They practice from Monday to Friday."
What does the word "they" refer to?
A.shophie and other students
B.Sophie's parents
D.Students' parents

20.   What is the text about?
A.School facilities in Beijing
B.Types od circus in Beijing
C.Kinds of school in Beijing
D.International Circus School in Beijing

            Two days ago, Jenny and Eric had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Both of them ordered one medium pizza. Jenny had a bowl of soup as the appetizer and eric had a bowl of fruit salad. They ordered soft drink for Eric and orange for Jenny.
           They enoyed their meal until Jenny found a piece of button in her soup. They made a complaint to the restaaurant manager. They asked for a replacement. The manager was very sorry about it and gave them the replacement of the soup.

21.   Based on the text above we know that . . . .
A.The manager of the restaurant didn't feel sorry
B.The first meal that Jenny had was pizza
C.Eric and Jenny had orang juice
D.Both Eric and jenny enjoyed their meal in the restaurant

22.   What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A.Jenny and Eric complained about the soup
B.jenny and Eric had dinner together
C.The manager asked for apology
D.Eric ate a bowl of fruit of salad

23.   Why did Jenny make a complaint?
A.She found a piece of button in her soup
B.She asked for replacement
C.The meal was very nice
D.The manager was angry

24.   "Jenny had a bowl of soup as the appetizer and . . . ."
The word "appetizer" means a small of food that we have . . . . . a meal.

25.   What is the purpose of the writer to write the text above?
A.To tell the writer's experience inthe past
B.To describe an Italian restaurant
C.To inform to eat in a restaurant
D.To entertain the readers
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